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Morrill & Janes Bank

Text Banking

Download our Guide to Personal Online Banking for help enrolling & using this and other Online Banking services.

Receive instant account information by sending text-based commands from your cell phone.

Get account balances and receive recent transaction history without logging in.Text Banking

  • View account balances
  • See transaction history
  • Transfer funds

Want to quickly get your account balance? Simply text Bal to us at 226563 anytime. We'll reply with your requested information in an instant.

Don't worry - your data is secure with Text Banking.

We only send the requested information; never account numbers or other personal information. You can only receive requested information after you have securely enrolled through Online Banking. Only your registered Mobile phone can be used to get balance or transaction information on your accounts. And, we only use account nicknames which you define during enrollment.

It's easy to enroll, and even easier to use.

Just click here to access your Online Banking and enroll now!

Here is a quick guide to available commands you can use to get responses using Morrill & Janes Bank's Text Banking service. (Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier)




List of account balances

HIST (account nickname)

Account History

XFER (account nickname1) (account nickname2) (amount)

Transfer amount from acount 1 to account 2


Website and phone number to get help on text banking


Disable Text Banking for this mobile device number


Receive a list of available commands