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Morrill & Janes Bank

Text Banking

Download our Personal eBanking Enrollment Guide eBook for help enrolling & using this and other eBanking services.

A complimentary service for our Personal eBanking customers. Text Banking
Powerful Features. Delivered Fast. 
(Message and data rates may apply)

  • View account balances
  • See transaction history
  • Find MJB ATM and Branches nearest you

Want to quickly get your account balance? Simply text B or Bal to us at 96924 anytime. We'll reply with your requested information in an instant.

Don't worry - your data is secure with Text Banking.

We only send the requested information, never account numbers or other personal information. You can only receive requested information after you have securely enrolled through our Personal eBanking service. Only your registered Mobile phone can be used to get balance or transaction information on your accounts. And, we only use account nicknames which you define during enrollment.

It's easy to enroll, and even easier to use.

Watch our online video to see how this service works (just click on the mobile phone above), and how you can enroll for Text Banking. Or, just click here to access your Personal eBanking service and enroll now! Refer to our Text Banking - Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Here is a quick guide to available commands you can use to get responses using Morrill & Janes Bank's Text Banking service.



B or BAL

All account balances will display

TRAN, HIST or STMT and the account Nickname

The last 4 transactions will be displayed. Reply with More or Nextto get the next 4 transactions.

ATM and your Zip Code

The 2 closest MJB ATM’s will be displayed  

ATM and your City, State

The 2 closest MJB ATM’s will be displayed

BRANCH and your Zip Code

The 2 closest MJB Locations will be displayed

BRANCH and your City, State

The 2 closest MJB Locations will be displayed


This will display our Help Desk number, 913.384.8290 available Monday through Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM


Will cancel your enrollment in the Text banking service