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Text Banking - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I enroll for Text Banking?
    • You will need to have access to both our website and your mobile device while you are enrolling.
    • Once you are logged in to eBanking, enroll in Text Banking from the Services-Options tab using these stepsServices Options menu
          • Select TextMobileBanking 
          • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions, click on the Continue button

Accept T&C

          • Select the Text Messaging option, click on the Continue button

Text Banking selection

          • Select the correct Time Zone, the Eligible Accounts and enter a unique Nickname for each account (nickname can be 1-10 alpha numeric, no dashes or special characters), click on the Continue button
          • Enter your Mobile Phone Number including area code, (no spaces or dashes), click on the Continue buton and don't close this browser window!

text mobile phone info

    • You will receive a text on your phone with your Activation Code, type the code into the appropriate field in the browser window on your computer, and click on the Continue button. (the activation code expires 24 hours after you receive it)

Activation Code

    • A text message with a short code is sent to the newly activated mobile device. Note this short code is the number you will send your text requests to for balance, transactions, etc.

Activation Successful

  • What are the Text commands I will use to request information?
    • Send any command below to the short code and you will receive a text back with your information. 


Result / Response
B or BAL

Account balances for all of your eligible accounts will display

TRAN, HIST or STMT and the account Nickname

The last 4 transactions for that account will be displayed

More or Next

The next 4 transactions for that account will be displayed...

ATM and your Zip Code

 The 2 closest MJB ATM's will be displayed

ATM and your City, State 

The 2 closest MJB ATM's will be displayed

BRANCH and your Zip Code

The 2 closest MJB Locations will be displayed

BRANCH and your City, State

The 2 closest MJB Locations will be displayed


This will display our Help Desk number, 913.384.8290 available Monday through Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM


Cancels the activation of the mobile device for Text Banking inquiries

  • Are text commands case sensitive?
    • No, commands can be sent in lower or upper case.
  • Will I be able to get the balance for all my account balances?
    • Yes, all accounts (Checking, Savings, CD and Loans) are eligible for text banking.
  • Is Text Banking secure?  
    • Yes, Text Banking is secure because:
      • Accounts are viewed by commands from your registered mobile device, your account number is not required or displayed
      • Only command information requested is received, never your personal account information
      • Unregistered mobile devices cannot access your account information
      • MJB will not send unsolicited text messages to you on your mobile device
  • Can I have more than one phone number for Text Banking?
    • Yes, use the instructions above and select the Add New Phone button to add your additional phone number.
  • Is there a charge for Text Banking?
    • Text Banking is a feature of our Personal eBanking service and is provided complimentary to all Morrill & Janes Bank Personal eBanking customers. Data and messaging charges may apply from your mobile carrier. Contact your device/phone carrier for to learn if any charges may apply for your use of text messaging or web usage.
  • Will text banking work on my phone?
    • Text banking will work as long as your carrier and your mobile device support text messaging.  If you are unsure, check with your carrier about text messaging and any charges that may apply.
  • What if I change my phone number or carrier?
    • Simply login into Internet Banking from your mobile device or PC go to Service-Options and select Text Mobile Banking from the drop down.  From the Mobile Banking Profile, click on Manage Device(s) and under the My Phones tab using the drop down select your action, make your change(s) and press Continue.

Manage Text Banking DeviceChange Phone

  • How can I change my account Nickname?
    • Once you are logged in to eBanking, select the Services-Options tabFrom the drop down menu, select Text Banking Under Mobile Banking Profile, click on the Enrolled buttonClick on the My Accounts tab and make your changes then click on Update Accounts to save your change(s).

Manage Accounts