Online Banking FAQs

How can I change my password or login ID?

The Change Password form can be found on any Online Banking page in Preferences, under the Security section.

May I create nicknames for my accounts?

Yes. Creating customized account names can help streamline your Online Banking experience.

May I change the arrangement of my accounts?

Yes. You will be able to arrange your accounts in the order that works best for you.

Are check images available?

Yes. Just click the magnifying glass icon beside any check listed in your account History.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

From any Online Banking page, choose Delivery under the Preferences section.

How many of my eStatements are available?

You can view up to the last 24 statements (24 months for monthly cycle, 24 weeks for weekly cycle or 24 days for daily cycles).

Why do I need to authenticate my computer?

Computer authentication happens the second time you log in to Online Banking. It’s an added layer of security to help us verify that it is you (not an unauthorized person) trying to access your accounts. If you use the same browser to access Online Banking on your personal computer, you should only need to do this once.

How do I authenticate my computer?

The second time you log in under the new system, you’ll go through the Authentication Process. Log in with your username and newly updated password. You will then be directed to request a Secure Access Code. To do this, first choose from a list of contact methods we have on file for you (e.g. your home or mobile phone number). We’ll use this information to send you an automated or text message containing a one-time use code. Enter this code in the on-screen field, then click Submit.

Finally, you’ll be prompted to activate your browser. If you are at a private computer you use regularly to access Online Banking, select ‘Activate this computer for later use’. If you are at a public computer, select ‘One Time Access’. Finish by clicking Submit.

Step-by-step instructions with illustrations are available on our website.

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