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Morrill & Janes Bank

Your Morrill & Janes Bank account has a special feature called OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE.

If you choose to “Opt In”, your Debit Card and ATM transactions will be covered up to your overdraft privilege limit. This could prevent embarrassing situations in which your purchase could be declined, or prevent you from accessing necessary services when you need them most. However, authorizing us to use your overdraft privilege limit to cover otherwise insufficient ATM and Debit Card transactions may result in a fee to you. (Click on the Important Information link below for more details on this fee.)

If you choose to "Opt Out" we are not able to provide this coverage automatically for your everyday Debit Card transactions.

You have a choice. Please review this IMPORTANT INFORMATION about your Morrill & Janes Bank account, overdrafts, and fees.

Please contact your local Banking Center for more information.