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FDIC's Money Smart Program

Test Your Financial Knowledge

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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Money Smart training program helps adults enhance their money skills and create positive banking relationships. The Money Smart curriculum builds financial knowledge, develops financial confidence, and instills the ability to use banking services more effectively. This is an online interactive self-paced learning program. Money Smart provides a stress free way to learn effective money management skills.

The Money Smart program will remember where you stopped as long as you log back in using the same name and other identification responses on the login screen as you used the previous time. You will be prompted whether you want to resume where you left off. Please be sure to enter Morrill & Janes when filling in the organization.

To begin the Money Smart program, Click here. You will be asked to create a log in account that will allow you to return at any time. You can register under your organization or employer or click to indicate that you are an individual and unaffiliated.