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Business Money Market Account

An account that actually earns interest on available balances for all types of businesses. When you don't need daily access to cash for check-writing or meeting other obligations, the Money Market account may be a good fit for you.

Deposit activity is unlimited, but withdrawals are limited by law*. The Business Money Market account is a good companion to our regular Business Checking Account when used with our sweep service. You can sweep funds over a threshold balance each day and earn interest on those funds in the Money Market Account, and only withdraw the funds when needed to maintain the balance in your operating account.

Contact your local branch to inquire about the current rate on the Business Money Market Account. Want to earn higher interest? Check out our Treasury Index Account.


*No more than 6 preauthorized, automatic or telephone transfers per month. If transactions exceed legal limit there is a per item service charge. If you exceed the legal limit we may re-classify your account to a regular Business Checking Account.