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Strongest Midsize Bank in Kansas City

Morrill & Janes Bank

Banking for Law Firms

Morrill & Janes Bank can handle all of the banking needs of your firm including:

  • Working capital lines of credit
  • Partner loans
  • BankWise® funds management
  • Real estate loans
  • Electronic banking 
  • Credit cards, and
  • Products unique to law firms such as:

IOLTA: Morrill & Janes Bank is an approved IOLTA account depository in Kansas and Missouri. While the statues are different for each state, you can be sure that Morrill & Janes Bank is equipped to open your IOLTA account and remit interest to the respective state bar association if required. Our rates are competitive and there are no service charges on these accounts.

DEBTOR IN POSSESSION: Morrill & Janes Bank is an authorized depository of the United States Bankruptcy Region 20 Trustee. As such we can handle the depository needs required of these matters.

TRUST ACCOUNTS: If needed, through the help of our Trust Division, we can customize a relationship including custodial accounts, escrow accounts and other customized relationships to meet the specific needs of your firm or its clients.

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