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BankWise® Funds Management Service

Customized Reporting

We bring the information to you each day with our BankWise® customized reporting notification. One concise report easily summarizes your relationship position at the end of the previous business day and the opening of the current business day. 

Minimize Borrowing Balances - Increase Interest Income

Our exclusive BankWise® System is specifically tailored to address the unique borrowing and funds management needs of the business owner. With BankWise®, our Bank customizes products and services to improve the manner in which you conduct your business. The net result is that we will help you minimize your borrowing requirements or, alternatively, to maximize your investment potential.

Each business day, our BankWise® system analyzes your funds position across your demand deposit and loan accounts. We will automatically sweep available funds between your accounts based on a calculated ending position. Not in a borrowing position? Then our BankWise® system will automatically sweep excess available funds to an overnight repurchase agreement*. You never need to keep excess balances in your account. Instead, use them to pay on your credit account or invest them to increase interest income.

* Overnight repurchase agreements are Not a Deposit • Not FDIC Insured • Not Insured By Any Federal or State Government Agency • Not Guaranteed By the Bank • May Go Down In Value