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eStatement – Frequently Asked Questions

Download our Personal eBanking Enrollment Guide eBook for help enrolling & using this and other eBanking services.

What are eStatements?
eStatements, or electronic statements, replace your paper statements. Personal eBanking customers receive a monthly email notifying you that your eStatement is available for secure viewing, saving, and printing through eBanking.

How do I signup for eStatements?
Once you are securely logged into Personal eBanking click on the Services tab, select My Profile and enroll within the eStatement enrollment section. You will have to consent to the eStatement Disclosure before you can complete the enrollment.

Is there required software to access eStatements?
Yes. eStatements are saved as Adobe PDF documents and you will need Adobe Reader (version 9.4 or higher) to access, retain or print a PDF file. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free at Get Adobe Reader 

Where do I view my eStatement? 
You view your eStatements through Personal eBanking or Business eBanking, our online banking services. In Personal eBanking you can quickly access your statement and check images by click on the eDocuments tab in the main navigation bar.

Will my eStatement look the same as my paper statement? 
Yes, it will contain exactly the same information and look just like the paper statement you receive through the mail.

How do I know when my eStatement is ready?
You will receive an email from us notifying you that your statement is ready. Usually the next business day after your statement cycle ends.

When will my eStatement be ready each month? 
The frequency and timing of your eStatement will be exactly the same as your paper statement, but you will be able to access your eStatement as early as the day after the statement is prepared.

How frequently will I receive an eStatement? 
The frequency of your eStatement will be exactly the same as your paper statement.

For how long will my eStatement be available for viewing?
Your account eStatements are available for viewing for 18 months from the date you first sign up for eStatements. Your first eStatement will be available the month following enrollment.

If I receive an eStatement, do I still receive a paper statement by mail? 
No, eStatements replace your paper statement.

I receive statements with check images. Will my eStatement include images?
Your eStatement will include the same information as your current paper statement. To see images, be sure to select the Statement with Check Images option when accessing your statement.

Is there a fee to receive eStatements?
No, eStatements are a free service available to all Morrill & Janes Bank customers.

Can I receive eStatements for my business accounts? 
Yes, you may receive eStatements for any personal or business checking, money market, or savings accounts. If you are a business, contact your account officer and let them know.

What accounts are eligible to receive eStatements? 
Personal and business checking, money markets and savings accounts may receive eStatements.

Do I have to be signed up for eBanking to get eStatements? 
Yes, in order to view eStatements, you will need to be signed up for and using either Personal eBanking or Business eBanking.

How do I know my eStatement is secure? 
Once you receive your monthly email notification from us, you will actually logon to your eBanking service with your user ID and password. eStatements are subject to the same rigorous security expectations as the account information you view on eBanking. Nothing confidential is sent by email; you have to access eBanking with your user ID and password to see any confidential account transactional information.

After I sign up for eStatements, when can I expect to receive my first eStatement? 
If you enroll for eStatements at least 5 days prior to the next statement cycle, then your next scheduled statement will be prepared as an eStatement, and you’ll receive an email notification that it’s ready. If you enroll less than 5 days prior, your eStatement will be available on the next cycle.

Can I have my monthly eStatement notification emailed to more than one email address? 
The email notification goes to a single address, but anyone authorized on the account and signed up for Personal eBanking has the ability to view the eStatement online.

Will joint account holders be able to view eStatements online?
Yes, as long as each account holder is signed up for and using Personal eBanking, they will be able to view online statements. An email notification will be sent to a single email address each month, but accessibility to the eStatement is available to anyone authorized on the account and signed up for Personal eBanking.

How do I save my eStatements? 
When your eStatement is displayed on the screen, go to File > Save As. Save to the desired location on your computer.

How do I print my eStatement? 
When your eStatement is displayed on the screen, go to File > Print and select the desired printer.

What do I do if my email address changes? 
Be sure to notify us of your new email address so we can continue sending your email notification that your eStatement is ready. You may update your email address by going to Services - My Profie within Personal eBanking.

Who do I call if I have questions about my eStatement? 
Call your local branch representative for any questions.

What do I do if I have difficulty accessing my eStatement?
Call 913.384.8290, or your local branch and one of our customer service representatives will answer all your questions.

What if I change my mind and want to receive paper statements again?
You may switch back to paper statements by contacting your local branch customer representative.