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eAlerts with Online Banking

Download our Guide to Personal Online Banking for help enrolling for Alerts and other Online Banking services.

Receive FREE* timely notification to stay informed about your Accounts!

Daily financial management is the best way to maintain a sufficient cash balance to avoid potential overdrafts and unnecessary fees. It is also the best way to quickly detect unauthorized transactions, fraudulent or altered payments. eAlerts makes it easy.

eAlert is a convenient FREE service that allows us to notify you when requested events or transaction activity take place on many of your accounts. We can send your eAlert to your Email inbox or text-enabled mobile device.*

eAlerts can help you monitor deposits, checks and ACH debits presented for payment, and other occurrences such as changes in your account balance to help you manage your account.

Signup through Online Banking - begin by choosing Alerts from the Preferences menu. Click the Add Alert drop-down menu, then choose New Account Alert. Choose from the provided options and enter any information required. When finished, click OK.

Safety and Security.
eAlerts are not encrypted messages and we will never include your passcode or full account number. However, eAlerts may include your name and some information about your accounts, such as your account balance. Remember - anyone with access to your email or mobile device will be able to view the contents of these alerts.

* Some mobile carriers may limit the amount of text that will be delivered in a text message. In some cases the information beyond the carrier's limit will not be delivered. In other cases, the carrier converts the single text message to multiple text messages so that all of the information sent in the eAlert is visible. This is not a limitation of the eAlert service but is dictated by each mobile carrier's service.