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Card Bill Payment

Earn Reward Points by Paying Bills

Many service providers and suppliers accept Visa® as a form of payment. Use your Morrill & Janes Bank Visa® Business Check Card or Credit Card to take care of monthly business expenses like:

  • Shipping & courier expense
  • Supply invoices & vendors
  • Insurance premiums
  • Utilities
  • Wireless and cable or ISP service

Enjoy the convenience of paying bills without writing checks, buying stamps or worrying about mail delays. It’s fast, secure and accepted by thousands of companies.

Using your Business Check Card lets you control the payment date and your cash flow, not to mention earning MJB Reward points.

Earn more reward points by consolidating your expenses onto your MJB credit card account. Using your credit card frees up financial resources during the month that can be used to build your business. When you pay the balance on new transactions each month before the payment due date, there is no finance cost for the use of those funds! We offer a competitive variable rate and no annual fee.

Get Started Today!

  • Contact your service providers by phone or visit their website to setup payment with your MJB Visa.
  • Pay with your Visa. Make one-time payments each month or setup recurring payments to make them automatically. No more late fees.
  • Relax. You’re done and your bills are paid on time fast, secure, and simple.

Contact your Morrill & Janes Bank account representative at our locations in Merriam, Lee's Summit, and North Kansas City in the metropolitan Kansas City region, or click here to view some Frequently Asked Questions