Trusteer Rapport

At Bank of Blue Valley, your security is our top priority. That’s why we have partnered with Trusteer, a leading expert in financial security, to offer Trusteer Rapport online fraud protection software, customized to protect users of Bank of Blue Valley InBusiness Online Banking – at no cost to you.

Trusteer Rapport is online fraud and identity theft protection software that protects your User ID, password, and other information from fraudsters. It also helps prevent malware and fraudulent websites from stealing this sensitive information.

Trusteer Rapport is a lightweight security software solution that protects web communication between enterprises, such as banks, and their customers. It implements a completely new approach to protecting customers. By locking down customer browsers and creating a tunnel for safe communication with the online website, Trusteer Rapport prevents Man-in-the-Browser malware and Man-in-the-Middle attacks. It also prevents phishing via website authentication to ensure that account credentials are passed to genuine sources only.

Industry analysts at Online Banking Report described Trusteer Rapport as “...a major boost in fraud protection...” and named Trusteer Rapport “Best of the Web.” Trusteer Rapport Overview:

  • Keeps your computer's connection with our website safe so criminals can't access it when you’re using Internet Banking.
  • Trusteer Rapport should be downloaded to each PC or MAC you use to access secure websites, with a login ID and password, to help protect you from Malware, Phishing, Pharming, Session Hijacking, and Keylogging.
  • Works in conjunction with your anti-virus software and firewall to provide an extra layer of protection.
  • Takes only moments to download and install. It begins protecting immediately upon installation with no need to restart your computer.
  • Works with all major browsers.
  • Does not interfere with your computer's normal processes; runs quietly in the background.
  • Alerts you when you visit a fake website that looks like the Bank of Blue Valley site, which may result from Phishing and Pharming.

You’ll know Trusteer Rapport is running when you see the icon in your browser's address bar.

Protected website, the icon is green:

protected trusteer banner

Unprotected website, the icon is gray:

unprotected trusteer banner