Commercial Lending

There will always be times when you require credit solutions to finance growth opportunities or improve cash flow. We offer a wide variety of business loans and financing packages at highly competitive rates. And because no two businesses are alike, we'll customize repayment schedules to fit your business needs. Thanks to local decision-making and our commitment to responsiveness, you'll quickly receive answers to credit requests.

Understanding the types of SBA Loans

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This article is authored by Stephen Machotka an employee of Wisconsin Bank & Trust.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether you're purchasing an existing property or building from the ground up, our customized loan programs offer the right terms and competitive rates.

Business Line of Credit

Business cycles ebb and flow. From time to time, your company might need extra cash to purchase supplies to meet increased demand or to cover expenses during a slow period. You might simply tap into a line of credit to take advantage of a last minute opportunity. Establish a Business Line of Credit now and rest easy down the road knowing that the funds are there when you need them.

Business Term Loan

We want your business to grow! Our term loans provide crucial financing for capital goods, equipment and more of the essentials your business needs to succeed.

Letters of Credit

Standby letters of credit are issued by Bank of Blue Valley on your behalf as a promise to pay your vendor a specified sum of money upon presentation of specific documents.

A commercial letter of credit is an instrument issued on your behalf by Bank of Blue Valley whereby the bank promises to pay a specified sum of money to a beneficiary upon presentation of required documents.

Real Estate Lending

Bank of Blue Valley provides lending solutions for both owner-occupied or investment real estate properties like industrial buildings, apartment complexes or office buildings. We also provide construction loans to fit your expansion needs, permanent financing for income-producing properties and SBA loans.