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Visa® Business Check Card with Savvy™ Rewards

Convenience of a credit
card - without the finance
charges and monthly bills

NEW - More Savings for our Business Card customers!

Click Here to learn more about the Visa SavingsEdge program - or click on the banner above to get enrolled today.

Payments for purchases are automatically deducted from your primary business checking account. It's a safe and easy way to access funds. And just like with a credit card you can also use your Business Check Card to:

  • Purchase anything you might use a credit card, checks, or cash to pay for!
  • Pay Bills - utilities, service providers, vendors, shipping, insurance and even pay taxes securely online
  • Rental Cars and Gas purchases
  • Travel and Entertainment
  • Office supplies

Quick and Easy! Make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. Save your receipts to easily record transactions in your check register and reconcile your account. And, when you need cash you have access to millions of ATMs worldwide including over 50,000 service-charge free Allpoint ATMs Worldwide. Just look for an ATM with one of these symbols

Allpoint logo Accel Exchang Logo Plus logo®

Setup the ATM Locator links in your mobile phone* to make it even easier when you're out of the office or traveling.

Earn Rewards! Each time your Business Check Cards are used for purchases through the credit network your business earns reward points**. Points can be combined from all your cards. Redeem points for cash, gift cards, merchandise, travel and other items your business can use - or you could redeem points for items as awards for employees. Learn more about our Rewards Program

Manage Your Expenses. View all purchase and transaction detail on your business account by logging into Business eBanking. You can even download the transaction detail for use in updating your accounting records and to reconcile your account.

You're secure with Visa Business. Count on Visa for an extraordinary level of security and protection. Use your card with confidence. As a Visa business cardholder you're entitled to these additional benefits from Visa:

  • Fraud Monitoring
Visa systems continually monitor card transactions for suspicious activity on your Visa card to help prevent fraud.
  • Verified by Visa
Confirms your identity with an extra password when you make online purchases. Learn more or activate
  • CVV Code
3-digit security code verifies your identity for non face-to-face transactions.
  • Visa Zero Liability Policy
Your business won't be held liable for unauthorized purchases made with your card or account information. Some restrictions apply learn more.
Save on business products and services at select merchants with Visa discounts for cardholders. Browse by merchant, product category, or type of savings desired.
  • Business Benefits Package
Extra coverage and assistance just for our business cardholders. View the Guide to Benefits Visa Business Card to learn more.

If you would like more information on our Visa Business Check Card, please contact your local bank branch, or you can email your request to - this is not a secure email so please do not include any personal financial information in your request.
* Locating ATMs from your mobile device requires mobile Internet or Data services. While there is no charge to use the ATM Locators, your mobile provider may charge a fee for Internet or Data access.
** Cash Withdrawal, Cash Advance, and PIN Transactions do not qualify for Reward Points. You must register your card with the Savvy™ Rewards website to begin earning points.