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Student Checking -

Help your child get started on the right foot in managing the financial responsibility of their own bank account with a joint student/parent account. Acquiring the discipline and financial independence to manage their own bank account is something our children need to grow into sometimes - with a little help and guidance from mom or dad.

Student Checking Group


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Just pick any of our free and/or interest-bearing checking accounts that best meets the need of the parent and child - then enroll for Personal eBanking. Now, parents can see both accounts, set-up alerts to monitor activity or transfer funds to supplement a low balance. Students will enjoy using these great services to Morrill & Janes Bank as close as their phone.

  • Account and balance alerts - let us notify you when certain transactions are posted or balance levels change
  • Access to thousands of ATMs across the country at which they can withdraw funds from their account without paying a fee.
  • Students have a Visa Debit Card that can be used for purchases almost anywhere
  • They'll earn Reward points on qualified purchases!
  • Mobile Deposit - deposit a check to your account right from your smart phone
  • Text BAL to check their account balance to make sure they have enough money.

Combining our great checking accounts and complimentary electronic services can give parents convenience and control, and the ability to step in and help quickly if needed. It also gives students and young adults the convenience and technology they want to make banking easy.

There are many more complimentary features available to help both parents and students manage these accounts and gain financial independence. Just stop in any branch or give us a call to learn more!