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Morrill & Janes Bank

Retirement & Investment Accounts

Start early and contribute regularly.


We offer Certificates of Deposit (CD's), and both Traditional and Roth, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's) to help you save for your financial security or for your retirement. (We recommend that you consult your tax advisor to decide which type best fits your needs.)

Our IRA's provide an investment though our certificates of deposit. So, both our CD's and IRA's are FDIC insured up to the amount allowed by law. For more information on the retirement deposit FDIC coverage or limits, talk with a Morrill & Janes Bank representative or go to http://www.myFDICinsurance.gov, and learn how to setup your retirement accounts to qualify for the maximum FDIC insurance coverage.

All of our IRA and CD products offer these features:

  • Interest compounds daily
  • You can withdraw interest prior to maturity, but it will reduce your earnings
  • Check your accounts anytime through Personal eBanking

Compare the features of these accounts to find one that's right for your savings goals, and start building your nest egg today!

Fixed Rate CD and IRA options

We offer fixed rate CD's and IRAs from 1 month to 60 month terms. IRA's can be opened with as little as $50.00. View this IRA Options - IRS Resource Center to compare the features and benefits of Roth and Traditional IRA's. 

Residents of Kansas and Missouri can open our featured CD's online!

Featured CD's

Current Rate

Account Features

6 months 0.32% APY* Account Terms Open Now!
12 months 0.35% APY* Account Terms Open Now!

other terms up to 60 months

Please contact your local branch for current rates.
You can also request an application by clicking here.

Momentum/Option Plus CD and IRA options

No one knows where the rates are going and locking into a fixed rate for a longer term can bring uncertainty. That's why we offer the Momentum/Option Plus CD and IRA. These products give you:

  • The option to change the rate at least once during the term of the certificate! This means if rates rise before the maturity of your certificate you can increase your earning power by locking in at the higher interest rate.
  • Make additional deposits to your Option Plus IRA or CD at anytime during the term of the certificate. Additional deposits are limited to $50,000.00 or the original account opening deposit, whichever is less.
  • Available in 18, 26, or 60 month terms

Learn more about these account terms and rates by contacting your local branch . You can also request an application by clicking here.

* Annual Percentage Yield. Rates shown are effective as of today and are subject to change at any time. Click on the Account Terms links above to view the complete terms to attain the stated rate of interest, fees, restrictions and features. Fees may reduce earnings.