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Popmoney® FAQs

What is Popmoney?

Use Popmoney to pay anyone you know, or owe – it’s the easy way to send and receive money directly from your Morrill & Janes Bank account. Pay your rent or send money to your kids away at college – it’s safe and secure and all you need is an email address or mobile phone number.

What are some of the features of Popmoney?

Popmoney offers several features. You will now be able to:

  • Personalize your gift payments with an e-greeting template
  • Set up future-dated  payments and recurring payments
  • Import contacts from popular email services (such as Hotmail®, Yahoo!®,Gmail®)
  • Send money using an account number, in addition to using an email address or mobile number
  • Add multiple email addresses and mobile numbers for any contact
  • Respond to all Popmoney activity, including depositing payments and paying requests, from a central dashboard, or “To Do List”
  • Receive money by simply verifying an email address or mobile phone number (without formally enrolling)
  • Access the largest person-to-person payment network for financial institutions, with 1,400 participating banks and credit unions.

How secure is Popmoney?

From the moment information is sent to Popmoney to the time it is stored and accessed again, it is encrypted using industry leading software, hardware and algorithms. Security is also utilized at specific points and actions in the product. For example, to help prevent an unauthorized person from fraudulently depositing someone else’s payment, a one-time passcode is used. For every initial payment to a new email address or mobile phone number, a one-time passcode is sent to the user. The user must provide that passcode back to Popmoney to verify his “ownership” of that mobile number or email address before he can deposit the payment. 

How fast can I send and receive money with Popmoney?

With Popmoney, a recipient can receive money in as little as one business day.  However, in some cases it may take longer. For example, if you send an email or mobile payment and the recipient is not yet registered for Popmoney, he/she must sign up for the service so that we have their account information to deposit their payment. Also, if you exceed your next-day payment limits, then we will deliver payments within three business days. Limits can and will vary and can be checked by clicking the Help icon on the Send Money screen. 

Are there payment limits with Popmoney?

Yes. Limits may vary by user and financial institution.  Limits apply to the amount you can send per transaction, per day and per month, as well as to total outstanding payments. You can always check your limits by going to the “Send Money” screen within the Popmoney service and clicking on the “Help” icon next to the “Amount” field.

Is there a fee for using Popmoney?

Yes. There is a $0.50 charge for each Popmoney transaction. 

Can I use Popmoney to move between my personal accounts outside of MJB?

Yes. Set yourself up as a Person to pay and initiate a payment to your mobile or a different email address.You will receive a message that you have received a payment and are directed to go to to register. Here you will register your account at the other financial institution you want to move the funds to. 

NEW - Request Money!

What is the Request Money option on Popmoney and how does it work? 

This allows you to send a request to someone to send money to your Morrill & Janes Bank account. It is useful when someone owes you money. You can send a request for money to 1-5 people with a due date and setup a reminder as the due date gets closer. You can request money from someone using their:

  • Name and email address - you contact will receive an email and instructions on how to pay the request
  • Name and U.S. mobile number - a text message will be sent to the recipient on your behalf with instructions on how to pay the request.

When will I receive the funds I requested?

The person you requested money from has to sign up with Popmoney if they have not already registered. Once they have signed up successfully and approved to send the money to you, you should receive the payment within three business days. The payment will be deposited into the account you selected when you sent your request.

Are there any limits with Request Money?

Yes, Limits are created based on the number of transactions and the amount of money requested. Here are some guidelines to the limits:

  • Maximum number of requests per day = 10
  • Maximum $ value of requests per day = $2,000.00
  • Maximum number of allowable requests per month (rolling 30-day window) = 30
  • Maximum $ value of requests per month = $5,000.00
  • Maximum $ value of a single request = $5,000.00

Is there a fee to me to Request Money?

Yes. The fee for request money is based on the amount of funds you request, as follows:

  • $0.50 fee to request between $0.01 and $249.99
  • $0.75 fee to request between $250.00 and $999.99
  • $1.50 fee to request $1,000.00 and above

A fee will be charged for every payment that is received against the request, and the fee is deducted from the amount sent before it is deposited into your account. For example, if someone approves to send you $20.00 you will see a credit in your account for $19.50. Open requests will display the maximum fee until the request is paid.

Do I pay a fee if my request is not paid?

No, the fee will only be deducted f you receive a payment. No fee will be charged if the request is not paid.

Can I cancel a request?

Yes. Your requests can be canceled by you at any time, as long as the person you requested money from has not yet approved and sent the payment.

How long does the recipient have to pay?

Any request you send will be valid for 30 days. After 30 days, the recipient will no longer see the request and will not be able to make a payment against it.

Recommended Browsers

For best performance, we recommend you use one of the following supported browsers:

  • JAWS 11 (Windows XP, Vista, and 7)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (Windows XP, Vista, and 7)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (Windows XP)
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6 (Windows XP, Vista, and 7)
  • Apple Safari 5 (OS X 10.5 and 10.6)
  • Google Chrome 8 (Windows XP, Vista, and 7)

While other browsers may work with Popmoney, the supported browsers (above) provide the highest level of security, accuracy, and functionality.

We also recommend that you enable JavaScript in your browser. JavaScript is required for certain Popmoney features to function properly.

How do I change my browser?

Changing your browser to a currently supported version is easy. You can download a browser from the brower's web sites. By clicking on these links you will leave the bank's website to a third-party website maintained by the browser's company. Morrill & Janes Bank does not control, nor is responsible for content on these third-party sites.

When the download is complete, follow the instructions to install the browser. After it is installed, you may want to select it as your default browser.

Tips for Screen Reader Users

The following features may help you navigate Popmoney more easily:

  • Link Titles—If a link opens a new window, you are alerted in the link title. Most of the links have descriptive labels, but we provide additional information in the link title if necessary. For this reason, we recommend that you set your screen reader to read the link title attributes.
  • Table Summaries—Whenever information is presented in a table format, we provide a brief description of the contents.
  • Font Sizes—The fonts can be resized without significantly changing the layout of a page.

What are Terms & Conditions?

The Terms & Conditions are a complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between you and Morrill & Janes Bank regarding your Popmoney service. The Terms & Conditions document contains information about authorization, liability, and limitation issues when using Popmoney. In the event of a dispute regarding Popmoney, you agree to resolve the dispute by looking to the Terms & Conditions document.

The Terms & Conditions document provides details about the following items:

  • Transactions that are prohibited.
  • Your liability if unauthorized payments occur.
  • Errors or questions about your transactions.
  • Situations in which your account information can be disclosed to third parties.
  • Charges assessed based on services provided.
  • Service transactions that are returned.
  • Notification requirements for termination or discontinuation of the service.

More Frequently Asked Questions and information about the Popmoney service is available to assist you within Personal eBanking. Just click on the Pay Bills_popmoney tab in Personal eBanking, then click on the ?

Does Popmoney work with all mobile providers?

No. Currently the only supported carriers are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. If you setup a person to pay using their mobile number which is not under one of the supported carriers, the recipient will not receive the text message to let them know they have a payment waiting. If the recipient does not register their Popmoney account within 12 days, the payment will be canceled and your account will not be charged for the payment or the fee.

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