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Mobile Banking – Frequently Asked Questions

Download our Mobile Banking Guide eBook for help enrolling & using all of our mobile services. 
  • What is Mobile Banking?

    • Mobile Banking is an Internet based service that delivers the convenience of our Personal eBanking service to your mobile device. Mobile Banking allows you to perform banking related transactions from your phone 24/7.
  • What services are available with Mobile Banking?

    • View account balances
    • View recent transactions
    • View pending transactions
    • Transfer funds
    • Receive eAlerts on your account and account transactions
    • Map a branch or ATM location
  • What are eAlerts?

    • eAlerts can be delivered by text message to a mobile device*, or sent to any Email inbox. eAlerts notify you when requested activity or events take place on your Morrill & Janes Bank account. Types of eAlerts include:
      • When an account falls below a selected balance.
      • When a deposit has been made - ideal for direct payroll or social security deposits.
      • Loan payment reminder.
      • Plus several other types of useful eAlerts – learn more

  • What types of accounts can I access with Mobile Banking? 

    • Mobile Banking will provide access to the same accounts that are viewable through Personal eBanking including checking, savings, CD’s and loans.

  • How much does it cost?

    • Mobile Banking is a feature of our Personal eBanking service and is a FREE service to all Morrill & Janes Bank individual account holders. Contact your cell phone carrier for any standard charges that may apply for text messaging or Web usage.

  • How do I enroll?

    • Mobile Banking enrollment is completed through logon to the Personal eBanking service from any computer. Once you are logged in, from the Services tab, select My Profile. Scroll down to the Mobile Banking section, complete the information and click on the Submit button to complete the enrollment. You will receive a text message to your mobile device to confirm enrollment and provide your first One Time Password and login link.

  • Is there a wait period after enrolling?

    • No. Once you’ve enrolled, Mobile Banking is activated and ready to use.

  • How do I log on to Mobile Banking?

    • You can log on to mobile banking from the text message you receive containing your one-time password. From the Mobile Log On page type in your Access ID and PIN. If you don’t have your one-time password, or if you’re phone will not let you access the Internet from a link in a text message, click on this link from your phone's web browser - then be sure to Bookmark this link.

  • How do I receive my One time Password?  

    • A One Time Password is delivered to your cell phone by text message (or e-mail) upon enrolling for the service.

    • Each time you log on to Mobile Banking, a new One Time Password is delivered
      by text message (or email).

    • This One Time Password is readily available for the next log on session. You can also request a new One Time Password from the Mobile Banking log on screen. Just click on the One-Time Password button and enter your access ID. A new one-time passwor will be sent to your mobile device.

  • What if I can’t locate my One time Password? 

    • You can request a new One Time Password to be sent to your cell phone (or e-mail address) from the Mobile Banking log on screen. Just click on the One-Time Password button and enter your access ID. A new one-time passwor will be sent to your mobile device.

  • What do I use for my Access ID?

    • The Access ID used for Mobile Banking is the same as the Access ID used for Personal eBanking.

  • Is Mobile Banking secure?

    • Yes. All messages exchanged between the cell phone and server are encrypted with 128 bit encryption. The message is then transferred over the phone carriers’ network. Multifactor Authentication is achieved by the use of three input fields, including: Access ID, One Time Password and PIN.

  • Does Mobile Banking require software to be installed on the phone?

    • No. Mobile Banking is a browser-based application that does not require any software to be loaded to the individual device.I

  • Is Mobile Banking compatible with all mobile devices?

    • Many mobile browsers will work our mobile banking service including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft IE 7.0 - 10.0 for Windows 8, and Apple Safari 4.0 - 6.0. We have had some Android Razr customers experience some difficulty.

  • Is bill pay available through Mobile Banking?

    • Yes. You can schedule new payments to be made and review pending payments. If you need access to the full Bill Pay functionality - including Popmoney® - just log into eBanking through our mobile website using your mobile browser, at

  • Who should I contact if I have difficult enrolling or accessing Mobile Banking?

    • Contact our eBanking support group at 913.384.8290 Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm for technical support. If you have questions or want more information about the service, contact any bank representative at your local Morrill & Janes Bank.

* Note that cell phone providers may charge additional fees for Web access or text messages.