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Savvy Rewards 2


Welcome to Savvy™ Rewards!

There has never been a better time to start using your Morrill & Janes Bank VISA® credit card and VISA check card for all your day-to-day purchases.

When you use your Morrill & Janes Bank debit card, and sign for your purchases*, you earn Savvy Rewards points. Earn double points when you make purchases with your MJB Credit Card!

To begin earning points, register your card(s) at the Savvy Rewards website. If you’re not enrolled, you’re not earning points! Savvy Rewards is a free service to our customers. Enroll online, then login to view your point balances and make a wish list.

Reward yourself by redeeming points on a wide array of merchandise, travel experiences or gift cards, or have cash deposited directly to your account! You can even donate your points to charity, or gift the points to family or friends who also have a Savvy Rewards account. Plus, you can combine points from multiple cards on the same account to earn your reward faster!

If you would like more information on our Savvy Rewards program, please contact your local bank branch, logon to or call 1.888.216.2897 to speak to a Rewards Specialist.


* Cash withdrawal, cash advance, PIN transactions, convenience checks and balance transfers do not qualify for Savvy™ Rewards points. You do not begin earning points until you register your Morrill & Janes Bank VISA® card at the Savvy™ Rewards website. HSA and Pink Ribbon VISA® cards are not eligible for the Rewards program.