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 Electronic Payments for Business

Efficient   •   Secure   •   Control

Electronic fund transfer(s) (EFT) provide many benefits for business depositors. Originating EFT payments gives you control over the settlement of payment and your daily cash needs. And by reducing your use of paper checks for payments, you reduce your risk of fraudulent or counterfeit activity against your bank account. These are some EFT types we can help you with:

  • Domestic Wire Transfer

  • ACH Origination - Consumer Debits & Payroll

  • Electronic Tax Payments & EDI

  • International Wire Transfer

  • ACH Origination - Corporate Debits & Cash Concentration


The ACH system was designed for larger volume of transactions that do not need to settle on the same day. It is a highly automated payment system governed by standardized NACHA rules and other federal and state laws. We can help you with processing ACH files for activity like direct deposit of payroll, pre-authorized payment collection, individual repetitive ACH transfers for cash concentration or tax payments. All ACH transactions are processed through our secured internet banking system, InBusiness. If you receive ACH transactions from governmental entities or other business and trading partners, InBusiness provides access to detail transaction information the day payment is posted to your account.

The Wire Transfer system is perfect for larger dollar or other payments where it is critical that the money gets there immediately! Wire transfer of funds provides an irrevocable and highly efficient movement of funds. Our InBusiness system provides convenient access for the entry of repetitive or free-form transfers with multiple options for managing the security of your funds.

If you receive ACH transactions with addenda information (also referred to as EDI) we can provide the addenda information to you in an easy-to-ready format on the day the item is posted to your account. The reports are available online through Business eBanking.

Whatever your needs are to facilitate cash flow management of funds and information, our flexible services can help.