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Disbursement Management

An important daily decision made by our business customers is how to maximize the funds available for investment, the reduction of credit, or for payment to trade creditors. We provide timely information and processing services to help you make those daily decisions.

Controlled disbursement is designed to control the flow of check information through the banking system, which provides the necessary timely information that impacts your decisions. Two components are critical for a successful controlled disbursement service, 1) a bank transit routing number that does not receive continuous presentments throughout the day and 2) electronic (image) check processing and information reporting services.

Morrill & Janes Bank provides a country endpoint routing number which provides limited presentments of checks. As a participant in the Federal Reserve Bank’s Fedreceipt services, we receive presented check images for update to your account as early as 9:00am.

The Monetary Control Act of 1980, the continual advance of evolving electronic payment services, and The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21) have virtually eliminated check processing float. Today, the presentment of a physical paper check has all but disappeared – replaced by the processing of check images or conversion to electronic payments. Having information systems and processing services in place to control the flow of funds from your accounts can be the difference.

The use of electronic payments can also aid in enhancing the flow of information and control of funds flow. Click here for information on our electronic payment services.